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Actress & Model

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  • Graduate from the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.
  • Professionally trained with Jeb Beach Studios, John Emmet Tracy, Tony Alcantar,  Graham Shiels, & more.
  • Voice Training with Maryse Schembri. 

Currently represented by Division73 Talent 



Managing and consulting for businesses in Vancouver BC, all while building her own; Genevieve knows what it takes to work hard for the life you dream to live. Keep your eyes out for this young entrepreneur. 

The Biz : Activate Xperts - Founder, CEO, receptionist, janitor.

The Blog - @gencity on instagram

Rental Property & Building Development Consultant - Independent



The Specialized Staffing Network:

Genevieve is currently redesigning her business; building an online platform to make odd jobs more accessible accross canada. 

Stay Tuned! @ActivateXperts

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life

 - to be happy  - it's all that matters.”  A. Hepburn.

Instagram Blog @gencity

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